Why Do You Need to Start Business Digitisation?

Here we are sharing a disruptive world that welcomes the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). We have witnessed various industrial developments in humankind and the time has dawned on us for the intelligent era which signifies the implementation of information technology (IT).


The Era of Intelligence

The rise of the Intelligence era also means that businesses are undergoing digitalisation. To elaborate, companies are gradually putting processes of applications, documents signing, documents submission, etc. online. Insisting on the traditional business models, a handful of  businessmen, however, are unfamiliar with business digitalisation, reckoning it as a time-consuming and costly process. On the other hand, some have no idea where to start while turning to worry about the recurring technical issues that may interfere with the normal operation of the company.

The crude fact is that the global economy is tapping into business digitalisation. Especially during the Covid-19 outbreak, many companies have started to digitalise their businesses to meet the current demands for contactless services. CORPSO definitely ups the game a little with its provision of registering private limited companies at the comfort of one’s spaces. Most importantly, this marks as an exemplary initiative for business transformation amidst the Movement Control Order (MCO) carried out by the authority.


Eyes on Business

Take a hotel, for example – in the past, numerous staff were required in handling calls, recording customers’ personal details, check-in status, payment details, and other manual works. It is a waste of time and resources-intensive.  Things change as technology comes into play, propelling hotels to go online, thereby reducing the cost of human resources and generating more income.  

The same theory applies for business expansion. With CORPSO, it  allows you to submit, sign, amend and track documents with just a few clicks. Travel time has been slashed immensely so that time and money can be well-spent on business development.  


Reduction in Risks

Imagine a day where all documents are stored in Clouds securely. There will be no worries about missing and crashed documents as well as the limited storage for documents in the office. Instead, you can browse and modify files at anytime and anywhere. Additionally, a customised dashboard is available for monitoring and tracking files submission or omission at a glance. Where else to get such intelligent service? CORPSO!


Improve Effectiveness

Electronic signature is one of the prominent features of business digitalisation. With it, all documents can be signed through an app without meeting a company secretary in person. Often acting as a customer service agent, an online corporate secretary not only resolves all your problems remotely for better efficacy, but also allows you to grow your business hassle-free.


CORPSO understands the influence of the digital age towards entrepreneurs. Should you intend to run your business digitally, or in the midst of looking for an online corporate secretary to assist your everyday administrative work, feel free to leave us a message.

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