Want to Change Your Company Secretary? Go to CORPSO!

If you own a business in Malaysia, you are required to comply with the Companies Act 2016 and other legislations. This propels the importance of company secretaries; they ascertain that your company fulfills the compliances; they are your go-to person for administrative matters. Pursuant to the company section 235 of the Companies Act, every business is obliged to appoint a company secretary. However, what can you possibly do when your current company secretary is just not that good?


Terminate the Unsatisfactory Company Secretary!

First, join the board of directors and you have the utmost authority to appoint and terminate a company secretary. Next, do make sure that the termination ticks all the boxes of the terms of the secretary’s appointment or the constitution of the company. In terms of transition, your new appointed secretary will perform the necessary formalities on your behalf.


Appoint a New Secretary in 30 Days!

Once the company secretary termination is done, do not leave it vacant for more than 30 days. As aforementioned, every business must have a company secretary. Should a company fail to appoint a new company secretary within 30 days, a penalty fee of up to RM50,000 will be issued.  


Prepare All the Relevant Documents!

When your new company secretary goes onboard, he or she is responsible for all the documents preparations for the appointment as well as the change of registered address. Other tasks on hand include the submission to the Registrar of Companies and the documents collection from your current company secretary.



You should choose your company secretary wisely to ensure the smooth sailing of your business. At CORPSO, you can enjoy some special perks: 

  • Chartered secretary
  • Registered office address
  • A dedicated relationship manager
  • Free assistance of bank account opening
  • Access to the CORPSO App
  • All standard resolutions included
  • Any general announcements, corporate trainings, seminars and events in addition to the latest news from SSM, LHDN, etc.


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