SSM BizTrust QR Code: Your Business Digital Identification

In November 2020, the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) BizTrust introduced SSM BizTrust to all online business entities for free. As the pandemic still feeds on the global economy, SSM BizTrust free registration was extended until 31st December 2021, aiming to reduce the burden of the online business community. To date, a total of 91,767 active business entities have registered as SSM BizTrust communities and have been benefiting from it.


What is SSM BizTrust?

Regarded as the “standard” for all online business entities, SSM BizTrust marks as a recognition from the almighty SSM. In other words, it might work as a trademark or copyright for an online business that embodies trust principles and criteria with the likes of business registration, information protection, and online security. 

Once your online business obtains SSM BizTrust, a digital certificate will be displayed on the company’s official website or social media account.


What is the role of SSM BizTrust?

An avalanche of players is joining the online marketplace that contributes to a booming industry. SSM BizTrust provides a platform for Malaysia’s online business entities to share a piece of the pie in the ever-changing yet lucrative industry. Most importantly, it heightens consumers’ acceptance and confidence in any online business activity. It is most evident when it comes to sealing a deal through online transactions.  


The Introduction of SSM BizTrust QR Code

SSM BizTrust QR Code is every business’ starter kit. It enables companies that are registered with SSM to own a digital identification (ID). Furthermore, it allows one to access business information with only a single scan. The available information is a particular business entity’s name, registration number, status, URL address, etc.


How to register?

For business entities that are registered under the Business Registration Act 1956 and have registered accounts at the SSM ezBiz Online portal, you can download the SSM BizTrust QR Code via www.ezbiz.ssm.com.my

Do take note that all the business entities can register for SSM BizTrust through the SSM BizTrust portal at https://biztrust.ssm.com.my/  for free until 31st December 2021. 


The SSM BizTrust QR Code aims to create a trusted business environment. At CORPSO, we make sure your business operation complies with the government policies. Keep a lookout for CORPSO weekly articles and get updated on the new government policy and news.

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