It has only been a few weeks since Sean Lee Jia Ern joined us as CORPSO’s first ever celebrity ambassador. Now, he is the honourable owner of LJENS Sdn. Bhd. Interestingly, the whole company incorporation or registration process was solely done through CORPSO!


Let’s find out how he came up with LJENS.


Inspiration of LJENS

For those of you who are familiar with Sean, you’re definitely no stranger to #LJens that has been a part of his social media life. While explaining the reasons for choosing the name, he shared that LJE is an abbreviation of his full name – Lee Jia Ern; LJENS is the clever wordplay of the word ‘legends’, which has also become his followers or fans’ name.


Nature of Sean’s business

Sean went on to explain how he transformed his personal passion to a business opportunity. Started as a Youtuber himself back in 2013, Sean still continues to produce quality and thought-provoking content until today. LJENS is more than an entertainment-based company. It represents Sean’s attempt at creating a hub for 360 advertising through video and merchandise production as well as talent management. Most importantly, it aims to educate and nurture young talent that might be the next wave of legendary content curators.


How Does Corpso Help Achieve Sean’s Dream?

While Sean shared his first adventure with CORPSO to complete company registration, he highlighted that “I am so lucky to have CORPSO this time around. No more manual forms filling and multiple submissions. Everything is done within clicks or taps. Saving me legwork that is meant for other important things in my career and life.”

“I mean, if you do not know about the concept of digital secretary yet, just look up CORPSO. This company is supported by a professional team that can help casting all your worries about company incorporation away. Be it annual reports preparation, statutory compliances or administrative tasks,” Sean stated.

Sean’s journey has just begun and we wish him the best of luck and are ever-ready to be his innovative and accountability partner. Should you intend to emulate Sean’s success and realise your own ambition, feel free to leave us a message. CORPSO is all set to guide you towards starting a business confidently online.

LJENS official website in the making! Keep your eyes on our blog for Sean’s latest updates.

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