Need a Handy Cloud Accounting Software? Try BUKKU Today!

The ever-advancing technology paves the way for a more convenient method of handling things. Now, we live in an era that defies nail-biting manual bookkeeping. Accounting books are in electronic format, and there are more inventions ahead to save the day.  

CORPSO is happy to assist you in terms of accounting services aside from expediting company incorporation. Together with Bukku, CORPSO  is committed to providing you with a full range of online accounting software, which makes it easy for you to handle bookkeeping.

Today, Bukku is a software tailored to meet over 1,600 business owners’ and accountants’ demands in Malaysia, making accounting, invoice, and inventory tracking easier. It enables you to send invoices via email or WhatsApp. Meanwhile, it allows your customers to go online for payments and official receipts. They can even upload and record bills and receipts directly from their computers or mobile phones. 

With Bukku’s customised dashboard, the real-time operation of your customer’s business can be viewed at a glance yet at a fairly affordable price. If you still have second thoughts about Bukku, feel free to try out our free trials. It costs you only RM2 per day after the free trial without any contracts. The best of it all is that you can cancel it at any time and bear no hidden fees.

Ponder no more. Get Bukku through CORPSO now! Before you do, you might want to know the terms and conditions:

  • Business registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia
  • At least 51% of business shares are owned by Malaysians
  • Business or operating address based in Selangor
  • Has at least one-year business operation
  • Annual turnover between RM30,000 and RM1 million

What’s more? A matching grant of RM5,000 is up for grabs! Action speaks louder than words. Contact us now and get a helpful online accounting service provider.

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