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4 Sep 2020

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How to Build a Business Startup from Scratch

Starting a private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.) can be very hectic, especially when you are unable to deal with the related piles of registration documents. Although there are thousands of company secretaries in the market, choosing one that ticks all your boxes is extremely tough. No wonder people always say that building a Sdn. Bhd. gives you a lot of headaches.

Once you have everything in hand, appoint a corporate secretary. According to the Companies Act 2016, only a corporate secretary is qualified to execute the entire registration process for your company. Reason for the law? You will understand the importance of a corporate secretary to your company by reading this article.

At first, your appointed corporate secretary will get a unique company name for you. This process usually takes 1 to 2 hours and the approved company name will be reserved for 30 days (Starting from the approval day). Then, the corporate secretary carries out a series of form filling processes, followed by submissions of these documents to the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

Once the SSM approves your company name, your corporate secretary will get every registration document done in the right way. After these documents are signed by all directors and shareholders, they must be submitted to the SSM within 30 days. Upon approval from the SSM, a digital incorporation certificate will be issued, meaning that your company is officially launched! Certainly, there is more than meets the eye with the job scope of a corporate secretary; it will also remind you about submissions of annual reports and audited accounts, prepare minutes and provide legal advice and suggestions on regulatory matters.

Now, do you not think that it is necessary to get a decent right-hand man for these duties? But how should you pick a certified corporate secretary?

A reliable corporate secretary, without doubt, streamlines your company registration process and later-stage maintenance. In this regard, CORPSO, which excels at providing online company registrations, can help you save time and effort. Via a few clicks on its website or mobile app, your submissions of documents can be fulfilled at the comfort of your place. Besides, CORPSO offers Visa application services, with all procedures being carried out in the digital space!

Digital has changed the business world forever. It is time to get rid of paperwork and leave your worries to CORPSO. Visit us at www.corpso.com now!