Is the Digital Secretary You Paid Big Bucks for Helping Your Business to Achieve These?

The Ringgit is slipping further and further against mainstream currencies, and according to reliable sources, companies are known to spend approximately RM3,500 just on secretarial services every year. With such a huge sum spent annually and loads of hidden fee traps in store, does your digital secretary really live up to their reputation, especially on incorporating your business in the right way? This checklist may change your mind.


Immediately Check the Availability of the Company Name

Catchy and unique names always do wonders for new businesses. As soon as entrepreneurs have an idea on how to name their company, digital secretaries should always help check its availability and reserve the name (If it is available) at the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). These actions lead entrepreneurs to get their business into full swing right away since repeated name check processes and prolonged waiting periods are avoided.


Incorporate Online Anytime, Anywhere

The blooming digital era means a Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia shall be incorporated in a relevant way that fits the modern entrepreneurial world: Quick and easy through the web. Online services can now be deployed to enable business owners to fill out questionnaires about their company and registration form. Other services namely by-law preparations and authorised tax identification number attainments are accessible online to owners through provider sites too.


CORPSO App to Download Statutory Documents, View Historical Resolutions, Payroll and Other Information

A digital corporate secretary app, such as CORPSO is utterly important in simplifying the procedure of incorporating a Sdn. Bhd, as well as managing legislative documents and relating company information. With a mobile application integrated to a digital corporate secretary solution, business owners and management staff can download or view the said papers and details wherever they go, without the need to go through piles of physical files.


Instantly Identify Signees with Secured E-KYC and E-Signatures

In conventional settings, company secretaries require directors or shareholders to sign company documents before them; Most situations could even go to the extent of sending official paperwork to directors who live miles away for sign-off purposes. Nonetheless, the pandemic has made everyone take an unprecedented digital leap in their everyday lives. E-KYC and e-signature can now be put at secretaries’ disposal to ensure instant, laboursaving yet safe mobile identifications.


Digital Resolution to Change or Add Director or Shareholder

Director or shareholder changes and additions are tormenting, since it involves new rounds of meetings, nominations, filing, etc. On the other hand, with mobile verifications put in place, a prompt solution to this issue is created. Digital secretaries may use e-signatures signed and sent to them by every director and shareholder to speed up the entire process, making sure that the company does not diminish its profitability due to lost time.


Entrust Reliable, and Not Expensive Digital Secretary to Sort Things Out

Having mentioned so many dos, we now have a clearer picture of the obligation of a capable digital secretary; The automated secretary solution introduced to ease the load must always be cost-effective and trustworthy. With CORPSO digital secretary, we ensure your business ticks all the boxes of incorporation regulations with competitive pricing. Watch how we empower ourselves by empowering others here.

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