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11 Jan 2021

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CORPSO Teams up with I’m In,
Unlock a Paperless Business Era

With the partnership announcement between CORPSO and I’m In, fellow business owners can benefit immensely from it!

I’m In is a local all-in-one Human Resource Management System in Malaysia. Its flexibility along with scalable and multifunctional tools help to simplify companies’ human resources management, not to mention its easy setup process and ready-to-use system. Whether you are a mid-sized or large enterprise, you can manage up to hundreds of employees with just one device and a few clicks.


What are some interesting features from I’m In?

  • Environmentally-friendly concept: Fully kickstart paperless management with e-attendance, e-payroll, e-leave management, e-staff portal, e-claim, e-review, etc.;
  • Flexibility: Compatible with any devices (Desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.);
  • Hig-security system: High-level data encryption system, including iCloud and self-hosting services;
  • Cost-efficient: One master account for multiple subsidiary companies and make payment only once a year;
  • Operational knowledge enhancement:  Training and workshops to be provided on a weekly basis, etc.


Via this collaboration, both CORPSO and I’m In introduced a limited time offer. CORPSO subscribers can enjoy 10% off cloud-based or self-hosted human resources management system services provided by I’m In. We will also connect you to I’m In personnel once you have subscribed to CORPSO. Do not miss out on such a great deal. Visit our official website now: https://www.corpso.com