By Integrating with FPLE to Promote Digital Transformation,
CORPSO, the Most Comprehensive Corporate Secretary Officially Launched!

When founder Daniel Goh met FPLE’s technical support, CORPSO was conceptualised. Four months later, we were online!

CORPSO is a digital corporate secretary that simplifies the process of registering a private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.) through its web page and application. Clients can also find a full suite of online secretarial services, including administrative and accounting softwares, employment pass and work permit applications for foreigners. Furthermore, if they want to cross-check the important information, grasp all the data and keep everything up-to-date, then CORPSO’s designated dashboard is what they need. Think of it as if your personal secretary is at your fingertips.

The founder of CORPSO, stated that CORPSO is an integrated management milestone which is evolving from a manual operation to an electronic one. “From its humble beginnings, the job of a Company Secretarial had been tedious and revolved around countless paperwork. Documents were to be filed according to their respective dates and types. For example, statutory documents were to be kept separately. We had to update files regularly and at least one key personnel had to be present all the time for managing the workflow. These scenarios inspired me to create my own digital corporate secretary,” said Daniel Goh.  

Daniel Goh has about 20 years of experience in the corporate secretary industry. A virtual platform has been created through the collaboration with information technology giant FPLE. With the launching of CORPSO and its application, entrepreneurs can now register their Sdn. Bhd. and enjoy the most outstanding secretarial services simultaneously.

The vision of CORPSO is to top the digital corporate secretary industry and to speed up the local digitalisation process, by promoting fully online registration processes and secretarial services in Malaysia.

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