4 Reasons Your Business Should Use Electronic Signatures

Either for environmental protection or improving work efficiency, offices across the world have gradually tapped into the paperless era. Documents no longer to be printed out for review, and even documents that require autographs can also be electronically signed. How much do you understand regarding electronic signatures? Do you still have doubts about its technology? Read up to learn more!


What is an Electronic Signature?

As per the Electronic Commerce Act (ECA) 2006, signatures done on electronic documents and scanned handwritten signatures are considered electronic signatures. Both apply the same legal standing as long as it complies with the laws.


Benefits of Electronic Signatures


1. Intuitive and Easy

An electronic signature requires simple execution; a device screen instead of papers. With an electronic signature, a businessman needs to declare only the signer and recipient as well as send the relevant security link to the recipient.  The process is relatively easy-to-understand as the recipient just e-sign the document either through a stylus or using a finger.


2. High Degree of Safety – Proven Consent by Signers

It is no doubt that electronic signatures have a higher level of security than traditional paper documents. As its request often attaches with an email trail between the participating parties, electronic signatures allow us to keep track of when, where, and who has signed the documents. The audit will have a clear record of every action on the document based on the respective timestamp and Internet Protocol (IP) address. Login permission is required all the time. Hence,  only the signer and the opposite party have access to the confidential documents.


3. Higher Efficiency

Electronic signatures, which allow remote authentication, replace the traditional method of document approval in the office. You can seal a deal within seconds without going through tedious printing, scanning, and filing. The improved work efficiency symbolises your readiness to rule the current world that values speed and versatility.  


4. Lower Cost

Electronic signatures are more cost-effective than old-fashioned paperwork. You will save more costs from papers, postage, mailing supplies, files, etc. Time is gold for those who are staying abroad. With electronic signatures, they can save up more time for other crucial matters that bring them more revenue.


Now electronic signatures are widely used in business transactions, private affairs, legal dealings, and even also some of the official government documents. Wish to apply an electronic signature to your business? Contact us for more details!

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